True digital transformation with automation

Mobile apps are no longer the answer. Other than being costly and time-consuming to develop, many consumers don’t want another app for everything. Moreover, most consumers are not willing anymore to download an app to communicate with a business. Customers need to get in touch with your business via mobile no matter the mobile browser. Luckily, it gets easier and easier to let your website feature mobile responsiveness. Workflow automation enables you to create forms – pre-optimized for mobile display.

Make Your Business More Agile and Successful with Process Automation

Automation allows your organization to react quickly to alternating business situations. But just think about two key capabilities:

1. Responsiveness  

Help staff to perform efficiently, do the right thing at the right time at the right place. This includes a reduced business complexity (stop wasting time on paperwork, errors, missing signatures, etc.), improved efficiency of whole staff (let them work any time, anywhere, and using any device), and promoted collaboration (access to people and information from anywhere, as needed).

2. New Opportunities

The quicker rollout of new business activities and actions when business terms change: e.g. introduce a new product offer or modify internal procedures to fast satisfy changed customer requests. We can even think of even something as simple as allow clients to confirm their identity by taking a selfie while holding an identity document.

Both of these capabilities enable an important and notable competitive advantage, which is, in the end, the ultimate goal of digital transformation.

Workflow Automation for Digital Transformation Success

Automation can be an important part of a digital transformation journey by easing, restructuring and modernizing, and optimizing operations, promoting cooperation, granting greater supervision/control, and generally helping to create innovation.

Here are a few key processes for process automation: successfully setting up for digital transformation


Whether you’re onboarding a new employee or dealing with a new customer, automating these kinds of onboarding processes can profoundly impact your ease and speed. Both have a lead in making a good first impression.

Finance Process Automation

Automating your finance structure and processes not only improves your cash flow but also frees up your finance team’s time. By this, they can do the analytical work you hired them for. As the finance team plays a vital role in business transformation, it’s in your company’s best interest to optimize its processes and let the team do its work.

Human Resources

Streamlining HR processes with an automation tool (e.g. dynamic forms and document management software) makes HR’s job easier but also more efficient. By saving time they can focus more on attracting and retaining world-class talent. But there’s more: process automation can also assure compliance with regulation and enhance data privacy and security. These criteria are substantial when facing sensitive information. Moreover, with workflow integration among departments, it gets a lot easier to arrange tasks like training and certification.

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